We know some of our customers may have missed their favorite shows off and on over the past few days and were unable to easily reach our customer care representatives for assistance … and we’re really sorry. 

In the process of upgrading the X1 platform with new services and features, a technical issue arose that caused problems for our customers. We're working now to identify the customers who were impacted to personally apologize and proactively give them credits which we plan to have out to them within the next two weeks.  This issue was our fault and we want to make it right.  

So what happened?   While we were deploying an upgrade to the X1 platform, we discovered an issue in the way the software that updates X1 was configured.  We immediately stopped the deployment, and our engineers began working to identify the root cause and fix the issue. 

While service has returned to normal for most X1 customers, our engineers are now going back over this issue and taking extra steps to prevent it from happening again.  The fix we’ve put in place should be automatic – customers don’t need to do anything (such as rebooting or unplugging the box).

Thanks to our customers who have been patient with us, and to our employees who have been working around the clock on this.