Following on the success of last year’s partnership, we once again joined with ABC and The Academy to create an immersive Oscars television viewing experience for Xfinity X1 customers. This year’s Oscars experience included voice remote surprises, interactive ballots, trivia and more than 1500 hours of Xfinity On Demand content leading up to the event, as well as live streams of backstage activity the night of the awards. 

As demonstrated last year, these types of innovative experiences bring customers closer to the TV events they love, drive more interaction, and ultimately increase interest and viewership in the event itself. This year’s X1 Oscars destination resulted in X1 L+SD ratings among 18-49 year-olds that were 72 percent higher in X1 Comcast households than non-Comcast households. Overall Comcast households where 51 percent higher than non-Comcast households. 

With X1, we are changing the way people experience TV and giving our customers the opportunity to more deeply engage with events like The Oscars.  We continue to work with our programming partners to explore new and exciting opportunities to innovate and expand the viewing experiences around marquee events with X1.