Comcast’s network is not just the foundation for delivering our services to tens of millions of people and businesses daily. It is the means by which we are constantly innovating in the entertainment, communications, media and technology space. In order to lead, our network has to be flexible and vast, which is why we have invested so greatly in making sure it is one of the most sophisticated in the world. And we’re using IP technology and cloud-based architectures on our network to accelerate innovation and bring new features and services to customers faster than ever. 

Comcast has installed over 600,000 route miles of fiber-optic and coaxial cable across the country. In fact, there is enough network to circle the globe twenty-four times over. This hybrid-fiber-coax infrastructure provides high-speed, high-quality and high-definition services to households and business customers across 39 states and in the District of Columbia.

We deliver the fastest broadband speeds and the fastest in-home WiFi to the most American homes as the largest residential Internet service provider.  And our network supports incredible activity — over 300 million unique interactions a day. This includes the typical daily delivery of 136 million emails, 142 million phone calls, 12 million voicemails and 15 million Xfinity On Demand views every single day. In addition, our network delivers more than 1,600 video and audio channels as part of our Xfinity TV service and supports over 90 billion domain name service look ups that occur daily. The network also has companion systems handling tens of millions of transaction a day to enable services and transactions. 

The data speaks for itself. The numbers are staggering, and so are the possibilities.