What's on TV? People have been asking this question for decades. Years ago there was a simple answer - just surf between your channels and decide. But today, with tens of thousands of shows and movies available at your fingertips on TV, online, or your phone, we've compounded the age-old TV question with another one - where can I watch it?

This has been a new paradigm shift for programmers and distributors during the past several years, and I think one of the most exciting developments in media and entertainment. Brands have become increasingly important in this fragmented world of seemingly infinite choice, and so has TV search and navigation. To that end, we believe we need to give consumers helpful tools to find and discover what they want to watch.

As part of our nationwide Xfinity rollout, Comcast is focused on delivering more entertainment in more places, plus giving customers new ways to find, manage and personalize their multitude of viewing options. Today we're taking another meaningful step in that direction by rolling out Xfinity TV online with new enhanced search features and some of the most popular content on TV today.

Xfinity TV now offers new tools that enable customers to personalize and manage their entertainment experience across multiple devices, all from one integrated site. We've joined forces with nearly 90 television and movie partners to bring 150,000 video choices, many in HD, free to Comcast digital subscribers. This includes content from top programmers, hit movies available the same day as DVD, ethnic programming, kids' content, movie trailers and top-rated shows - both current and prior seasons - online. To help sort through the options, a new search capability gives users the ability to instantly find favorite TV and movie selections wherever they are available to view.

Also through Xfinity TV, you can schedule your DVR from your computer or mobile device, and manage DVR TV series programming lists and priorities. Catalog your favorite TV shows and movies in one centralized area through a "Watchlist" that shows where your favorite content is playing, whether on TV, On Demand, online and on mobile devices. And share recommendations or follow friends through available social media options.

Today's announcement is the beginning of a series of development updates that our engineering team is making to the site over the next few months. In the coming weeks you'll start to see changes as we constantly work to make it even better. So as always, stay tuned.