When we first launched our social care team in 2007, the idea of engaging with customers on social media was brand new.  Today the world looks completely different.   Customers are using Twitter, Facebook and a continually growing number of social platforms for everything — it’s where they go to give feedback, ask questions, and look for help.

We have a great team dedicated to helping our customers on social.  Their mission is to provide care and support to anyone who needs help, wherever they want it. The challenge is keeping pace with the rapid growth of social platforms and how people use them.

So, today we are excited to announce that we are tripling the size of our social care team and giving them additional resources and support so they can be more responsive and helpful to customers.  With a much bigger team, we’ll be able to support customers across more platforms.  And we’ll be able to get to them faster.  A larger team also means that we'll be able to increase bicoastal and bilingual coverage to make sure we are available 24/7 to customers who speak either English or Spanish.

The social care team has access to all the same advanced tools and training as our call center agents do, which means they can quickly jump in to solve problems.  They also have a direct line to our tech teams so they can schedule appointments. 

Improving the customer experience is our top priority, and we’re making investments across the board — in our people, in our technology, in our employee tools and in our products to better serve our customers.  

We are going to continue to grow social care as much as it takes to make it a real, vibrant way for customers to get their questions answered and issues resolved.   We’re just beginning the hiring process now and it’s going to take some time to get up and running, but we are really excited about the possibilities.  If you’re interested in becoming part of this team we’d love to hear from you.