We here at NFL Network could not be more excited about covering the new season of NFL football featuring shows like NFL GameDay, NFL Total Access, NFL Replay, just to name a few, and Thursday Night Football games. It also means it's time for a project near and dear to us, Keep Gym in School. Now entering its third year, NFL Network's Keep Gym in School has awarded over $600,000 in Physical Education grants to middle schools nationwide. As PE programs around the country are getting cut or scaled back, and childhood obesity becomes an epidemic, we believe this to be a critical and important issue to address.

This year we have partnered with Comcast nationally and on a local level in Denver, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Chicago and Oakland. In each city, we select one middle school and refurbish its PE program. Renovations are unveiled at a pep rally that kicks off a fitness program for every student. These events include players from each team and this year we are pleased to include Brian Dawkins of the Denver Broncos, Michael Turner of the Atlanta Falcons, Antwaan Randle El and Rashard Mendenhall from the Pittsburgh Steelers, Rashied Davis from the Chicago Bears and Nnamdi Asomugha from the Oakland Raiders. Comcast will be running public service announcements featuring each of these players.

One student from each school with the most improved fitness level will be flown to New York City to attend the 2011 NFL Draft and receive an award from the Commissioner.

For the first time, if you know someone deserving of our new PE Teacher of the Year award, nominate him or her right now! You can also be a part of the movement to get active, too. Visit our website www.keepgyminschool.com for more information.

We would like to extend a special thank you to Comcast for its support of this program and its own initiatives such as Comcast Cares Day. Comcast continues to make a real difference in the communities it supports.