There is estimated to be nearly six connected devices for every U.S. home with Internet. I know in my own home this rings true as my family uses mobile devices to do numerous things like stream TV shows, movies, and music; play video games; share videos; and video chat with friends and family.  

The need for reliably fast Internet and WiFi to connect these devices and make sure everyone in the household can get online and do more with their devices all at the same time is growing year over year. What many of today’s consumers may not yet realize, however, is that the wireless router they’re using to power their connected home may be significantly slower than Internet speeds they get from their Internet provider. 

Today we are launching a new device that solves this problem and creates the fastest in-home wireless network available anywhere in the US.  Our newest Xfinity Wireless Gateway, an all-in-one device that combines a customer’s wireless router, cable modem and voice adapter. It’s the first of its kind to leverage emerging wireless technologies that help customers make the most of their Internet service with faster speeds and better performance of their home wireless network. 

Here’s how we are able to do this.  The new Xfinity Wireless Gateway includes the 5.0 Ghz radio frequency.  This new frequency is being used by many of the latest consumer electronic products (like the iPhone 5, iPad 4 and Kindle Fire HD) and results in better speed and performance from connected devices.  It also has been built to a new standard (MoCA 2.0), which allows the device to leverage a home’s existing coaxial cable network to create a faster and more efficient network of connected devices within the home.   

A recent analysis by Allion USA found that our gateway device was capable of producing speeds of up to 270 Mbps – more than triple the speeds produced by popular wireless gateways offered by Verizon and AT&T. Below is a chart to highlight some of the findings.


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Additionally, the Allion study conducted tests to measure how the signal quality of the Xfinity Wireless Gateway compares to the same devices from Verizon and AT&T. As the chart illustrates below, the Xfinity Wireless Gateway provided better coverage throughout in Allion’s test home.


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Today we also announced that we boosted the speeds nationwide on two of our most popular Internet speed tiers. Since many customers overlook their router when they’re troubleshooting connection issues, this device will ensure they’re leveraging their wireless network to its full ability and having the best and fastest in-home Internet experience possible – no matter how they choose to connect.