We’re always working on ways to make the X1 platform more customizable depending on the wants of the customer. As we’ve said before, sometimes the smallest features can make a world of difference for someone and we’re excited we have a platform that enables us to get to this level of granularity. In addition to a host of speed and performance improvements to make navigation even smoother, here are a few things we’re excited about this month:

X1 Reboot: On Your Time

Every night at 3am ET, your X1 box quietly shuts down for a few minutes for a system reboot. Like a computer restart, this enables us to deliver new features, updates and fixes. But we realize everyone has different sleep schedules and for some, 3am is a prime time to watch TV, or to catch up on On Demand or DVR recordings. We’re now giving customers the option to select the time they want the box to reboot so they don’t experience an interruption in their service.




X1 Screensaver: Animals and Entertainment Image Options

Our X1 screensaver has always consisted of a collection of beautiful landscape photos. This month, we’re giving customers the option to choose a different type of image to populate their screensaver. Landscape will continue to be the default with classic scenic imagery generally aligned to the seasons. The animals option will rotate through a collection of wildlife and animal photos and the entertainment option will provide customers with iconic images from some of the shows and movies trending on Xfinity TV.




Parental Controls: Snooze Timer

Today, if parents want to binge watch a show, like The Walking Dead, that they’ve protected with parental controls, they’d have to enter their parental control pin for each and every episode. Now X1 customers can "snooze" parental controls for 1, 2, or 4 hours. When the snooze timer is turned on, parental controls and safe browse settings will be temporarily suspended so that all content is available to view. After the snooze timer has ended, parental control settings will return to normal.




DVR Recordings Got Smarter

DVR’s traditionally record shows based on the scheduled air time of the program. Every once in a while, however, a show starts early or ends a little late, and the very beginning or ending of a show gets cut off and not recorded. Which is annoying. So, we’re working on making the DVR smarter to ensure it records all of a program – from start to finish – so no key moments get missed, and this month’s release includes some of those improvements.