This year, we have a pipeline full of new features and platform enhancements that will give X1 customers more ways to enjoy and engage with their favorite entertainment and experience TV differently. So far we’ve launched NASCAR enhancements to the Sports App and created a special Oscars destination where we combined the backstage live stream, web clips and tons of nominees and historic video on demand, and this is just the beginning.

This month’s round of updates are focused on customizing and personalizing X1 features to give you an experience that’s unique and tailored to your preferences. Check out a few of the highlights:


Language Choice at Installation

For new customers, we’ve added a language choice at activation, so new users can move through the activation flow and set-up process in their preferred language.

Want to make sure you’re getting the most out of X1? The "New X1 Tips" section, found under ‘Help,’ allows users to easily cycle through various tips and tricks for optimal use and enjoyment – like how to scroll through the menu guide while still watching your show, or how to adjust the background on your menu.


Favorite Teams Now in Sports Guide View

X1 sports fans that use the Sports Guide view now can keep tabs on their favorite teams and all of their games in a new row. In the Sports Teams screen, simply select "Favorite" for any teams you want to follow and they’ll appear in that row.

Sports App users are also big fans of adding favorite teams, with 40% of them marking at least one team as a favorite, so now, these teams will also appear in a "Favorites" tab within the Sports App, making those teams accessible from more places on X1.


Shuffle Feature Added

A user favorite, the shuffle feature for Music Videos is graduating from Comcast Labs and becoming an official X1 feature. Available on all music artist pages and in Kids Zone, selecting "Shuffle," will play a variety of the top music videos in the genre you’ve selected.

Relatedly, we’re adding DVR recorded shows to the shuffle feature in Kids Zone, increasing the number of episodes that can be in rotation when the shuffle feature is turned on.