This month, we’ve made updates to make it easier to discover new programming as well as simplify the process for setting up and pairing your remote controls. Check out a few highlights:

Improved Music Video Entity Pages
Here at Comcast, we’re passionate about music and we know our customers are too. You may have seen our recent sponsorship of Taylor Swift’s 1989 World Tour, which includes lots of unique opportunities for fans to experience her concert, music, programming and more. When it comes to enjoying music videos from all artists on X1, we want to provide an experience that’s intuitive and engaging. This month, we updated music video pages to help you discover more music you’ll like based on the videos you’ve already viewed. Music video pages now have two gallery rows featuring "More Like This" – which suggests new content you may be interested in, and "Artists," which lists all artists featured in the video you just watched.

Recommendations Refresh

With the large volume of great content available today, it can be overwhelming to choose a new movie or TV show to check out. We’ve enhanced our Recommendations feature to expand the number of suggested programs you can see. Just click the OK button while on "Show Me Another" tile to refresh your recommendations and see new programs based on titles that you have previously watched.

Remote Control Pairing Improvements

Getting your remote to sync with your TV and audio receiver isn’t always simple. So we’ve rolled out new on-screen instructions that complement the paper instructions included with all remotes to make this process go smoothly.

To get to pairing instructions, simply press the Setup button for 3 seconds on your new remote, then the XFINITY button. The on-screen experience will guide you from there.

Kids Zone Graduates Out of Labs

Lastly, as you know, we recently launched Kids Zone in Comcast Labs, a new feature that gives parents extra peace of mind by offering a safe and secure experience for kids to independently explore their favorite content and discover new programming. After lots of positive feedback from our customers, we’re pleased to let you know Kids Zone is officially moving out of Comcast Labs, and will now be accessible through On Demand > Kids, a tune notification on kids programming, as well as via Search, and Voice Search.