Ensuring a great entertainment experience for our X1 customers is paramount, from providing a comprehensive collection of content on demand to a simple and intuitive system for discovering that content. Being able to find your favorite program as easily as possible is often just as important as the content itself, and with this in mind, this round of updates focuses on enhancing searchability and discovery.

Check out a few of the highlights:

Kids Zone Search

We launched Kids Zone earlier this year, providing parents peace of mind with a safe and secure experience for kids to independently explore their favorite content and discover new programming.

This month, we’ve enhanced the feature to integrate search capability, meaning children can now search safely and independently within Kids Zone for their favorite TV series, movies and channels by using the remote to type the desired program into the search bar.


Spanish Voice Control

Since we launched the voice remote, nearly 1.5 million homes now have one, and we’re distributing about 70,000 new remotes each week. Users are speaking aloud to find titles, channels, actors and actresses as well as to record, tune, fast forward and rewind. Last month alone, there were 20 million voice commands made using our new remote.

We’ve been focused on making the experience more seamless and fun, adding lots of new updates and commands, and we’re thrilled to be working on making it possible to speak Spanish commands as well. Although this feature is still in beta, it gives Spanish-speaking customers the option to search for their favorite shows and movies in the language of their choice, and we’ll continue to fine tune this functionality.

Spanish voice control is controlled by the current menu language setting. To activate Spanish voice control (and menu), go to Settings > Language > Menu Language, and select Español.


Enhanced Music Video Search

With millions of views of music videos on our platform each month, it’s clear our customers are big music fans. We’ve done a lot this year to enhance the music experience on X1 – from offering exclusive behind-the-scenes access to Taylor Swift’s 1989 tour, to compiling a monthly list of the Top 20 Music Videos on Demand, -- and we are anxiously waiting to see which music videos will be the most watched On Demand for 2015.

Since we know our customers are looking for their favorite music videos regularly, we simplified the search function so that "Music Video" comes up as a content descriptor to help users to identify what result they want to select.


Comcast Labs: Playlist Improvements

Continuing this month’s trend of improving the music video experience on our platform, we’ve made some updates to Playlists to make them more dynamic and easier to edit. X1 users have enjoyed creating their own playlists for different occasions, and with this update available to test within Comcast Labs, customers can now rename and reorder playlists to perfection.