This month, we’ve made some exciting changes to enhance the X1 user experience, continuing our focus on making it simple and more intuitive for everyone to find exactly the content they’re looking for -- from parents seeking appropriate content for their kids to sports fans staying updated on several games at once. Here are a few highlights:


Movie Bundle Addition

This month we launched Movie Bundles, a new option for purchasing movies that enables you to purchase a full movie collection for one price. Movie Bundle pages showcase all titles in a series in one place, meaning you now have the option to purchase your favorite film collections -- such as the entire Despicable Me, Jurassic Park, Harry Potter or Hunger Games series -- in just one push of a button. We know our customers often add all films in a series to their personal libraries, and this feature makes the process for finding and owning these favorite titles much simpler. 


SAP Indicators Now on Linear Programming

We are committed to making the X1 experience accessible for everyone, and this month we’ve added Secondary Audio Programming (SAP) indicators on all the programs listed in your standard guide view as well as mini info, making it easier for you to know if a live program is available in a secondary audio option.


Common Sense Media Updates

As a part of our ongoing efforts to seamlessly integrate Common Sense Media ratings throughout the X1 experience, Common Sense Media scores are no longer a setting you need to manually select in Preferences. The scores will now always be on and visible in all aspects of the guide, making it even easier for parents to make informed choices about programming that’s suitable for their family.

As content and programming standards and practices evolve, rest assured we are working in lock-step with Common Sense Media to update Age Range filters so that the content your family watches will always be age-appropriate. This month, you’ll see we’ve updated the Age Range filters in the Kids Guide View to reflect the latest progression of groupings. 


Sports Subtitles added to Last 9

If you’re a sports fan, you likely watch a few games at a time and consistently switch back and forth between channels. We’ve updated the "Last 9" view to include the sports subtitle – which lists the two teams that are playing against each other (e.g. – East Carolina at Virginia Tech) – to make it easier to quickly navigate back and forth between the games you want to be tuning into. 


And of course, we’re always working on general performance improvements to make the platform better, stronger and faster. X1 enables us to rapidly innovate and deliver new features and updates to our customers in real-time, and we’ll continue provide updates on standout features as they get added. Stay tuned for more!