Ensuring an enjoyable entertainment experience for each and every one of our customers is always top of mind when working on new features and enhancements to the X1 platform. This latest round of updates reflects that goal, and helps improve the usability and searchability of the platform for content and extra features.

Check out some of the highlights:

TV Series and Movie Extras

More movie and TV shows are featuring extra content to accompany your favorite episodes and feature films these days – enabling you to dig deeper into characters, the making of the program, check out deleted scenes and in some cases, photo galleries.

With this in mind, we’ve updated the info pages of TV series and movies to include an "Extras" button if the TV series or movie includes any extras available for free or for purchase. And if you purchase a movie that contains extras, that content will be listed as the first row on the movie page. A "View All" option within Extras enables you to view all content included with Purchase and Free Extras.


SAP and Video Description Integration

We’ve updated our On Demand content to include the addition of an SAP indicator as well as the "D))" (video description icon). Now, customers can easily tell which On Demand options are available to watch in Spanish or with video description without playing the program.

We’ve also added SAP and video description filters to our On Demand menus so our Spanish-speaking customers and people with a visual disability can more easily search for and identify the content they want to watch.


Spanish Voice Control

We’re continuously enhancing the voice remote functionality, and are pleased to let you know it’s now possible to speak Spanish into your X1 voice remote. While this feature is still in beta, we’re excited to offer our Spanish-speaking customers the option to more seamlessly search for and enjoy their favorite content – in whatever language they prefer.

Spanish voice control is controlled by current menu language. To activate Spanish voice control (and menu), go to Settings > Language > Menu Language, and select Español.