People who have X1 think differently about TV.  They can find movies by talking and they can watch sports with a built-in stats machine at their disposal and can even stream video games via Xfinity Games; with access to the beta now available through Comcast Labs.  

In addition to some of these recent feature launches, we’ve made other updates to the X1 platform, focused around making it easier for sports fans to enjoy watching their game live or recorded, as well as enhancing advanced settings options. Check out some of the highlights:


DVR Auto Extend Live Events

Never miss the end of another recorded live sporting event again with the new Auto Extend feature. When scheduling a recording for a "Live" event, the "Auto Extend" option will be available on programs that support the feature.  When it is determined that an event will air past the scheduled airtime of a recording, X1 will automatically extend the recording in 30 minute increments to ensure you capture the entire event. Starting out, the feature will be available on major sporting events including NFL Football, MLB Baseball, NBA Basketball, soccer, NHL Hockey as well as NCAA Men’s Football and Basketball, and NASCAR, and we’ll be rolling it out to a wider range of events over time. Don’t forget, you can manually extend the recording of any content on X1 from the program’s info page.

X1 DVR Extend



Comcast Labs: DVR In-Game Highlights

Another feature we’re testing in Labs has sports fans in mind. The Play by Play option, which allows you to jump to important highlighted plays in your recorded sports events, makes it easy to catch up on the game and the big plays you missed quickly. If your recording offers this feature, you will see an overlay on screen instructing you to "Press Page Up/Page Down to jump between highlights."

Note: The DVR Play-By-Play feature is only available in certain test markets, and only supports professional soccer at this time. Additional markets and sports will be added during the course of this feature evaluation.


X1 Sports

X1 Sports 2


Comcast Labs: Welcome Back to X1

Another feature we’re trialing now is "Welcome Back," which provides a quick update on what has been happening on X1 while you’ve been away – for example, what has been recorded, what is trending, and more. The update appears after the first key press on your remote when you first turn your TV back on.

X1 Welcome Back


Updates to Help in Settings

Sometimes things don’t work perfectly, and we want to make it easier to troubleshoot issues affecting your X1 experience as easily and seamlessly as possible. A new row for troubleshooting has been added to the Help section of the Settings menu to help make that process easier. There will now be an option to restart your device, an option for Remote Setup – which easily walks users through pairing their remote – and instructions for programming your remote to the TV and any audio devices. 

X1 Troubleshoot