In addition to our See It partnership, NBCUniversal is also launching a new advertising partnership with Twitter.  This partnership will allow NBCUniversal’s advertising clients to expand their TV and digital sponsorships to Twitter.  We spoke with Linda Yaccarino, President, Advertising Sales, NBCUniversal, to get more details.

JP: Let's start with today's partnership announcement.  Can you give us some more details?

LY: I’m excited about our news because this advertising partnership with Twitter will extend the reach of our clients’ campaigns, amplify our TV360 initiatives and further promote our TV tune-ins. NBCUniversal’s programming, talent and events drive so many of the most popular conversations in social media and now our advertising partners will benefit from reaching an even larger audience through Twitter.

JP: What’s unique about NBCUniversal and Twitter’s amplified partnership?

LY: NBCUniversal’s scale is unmatched in the marketplace. With two broadcast networks – Spanish and English language – 17 cable networks and more than 50 digital properties, we help advertisers reach more audiences. 

With our content driving so many social media conversations, our sales team is in a unique position to leverage our broad array of programming assets on behalf of our clients. With leading sports programming, including the Olympics and NHL, hugely popular shows like "The Voice," "The Blacklist," "Suits" and a variety of news programming, including MSNBC, CNBC and "Meet the Press" this partnership represents a unique opportunity for all of our client partners.

JP: Where does the See It partnership come into play for NBCUniversal?  What’s the value for show fans or advertisers?

LY: See It is a really unique aspect to this partnership. It not only gives millions of Xfinity TV customers on Twitter instant and easy access to NBCUniversal’s massive portfolio, but it also extends the reach of our partners’ advertising campaigns and sponsorships to Xfinity and Twitter audiences to make them more unique.

We can drive tune-ins for programming and also monetize the social conversations around our content. Literally, we’re turning your phone into a remote control and giving advertisers the ability to be in more places and in front of more eyeballs.

JP: How are NBCU Networks currently using social with their advertisers?

LY: The NBC Sports Group is the first to participate in our new advertising partnership and they are tweeting Premier League video highlights which are sponsored by General Electric. 

Additionally, USA Network is putting this partnership to full use as it rolls out its second screen campaign for Modern Family. Starting on October 18, with its on-air TGIMF (Thank Goodness its Modern Family) marathon, the network will add Twitter to its USA Sync syndication platform, which extends its digital content to the mobile apps fans use as they watch TV. This expanded functionality combined with the new NBCUniversal advertising partnership enables USA to reach new audiences in real-time and give brands more innovative ways to reach consumers. 

E! News and EOnline also regularly integrate Twitter and real-time conversations into their breaking news content. E! has used Twitter around key pop culture events such as award shows and series premieres to offer real-time co-viewing experiences and enable reader sentiment to be shared and amplified across all platforms – from social, to Web, mobile or TV. 

Those are only some of the ways we’re connecting those social audiences with our content and advertising partners.