This week, Comcast Ventures led a $1M seed round in Maker’s Row with Index Ventures. Maker’s Row, launched in November 2012, is a startup that connects entrepreneurs with American manufacturers, capitalizing on steadily climbing foreign prices and extensive turnaround times from overseas. Maker’s Row sees this as an opportunity for American manufacturing to make a strong comeback. Their ultimate goal is to make Made in U.S.A.  accessible for companies of all sizes. 

They intend to achieve this goal by working with thousands of manufacturers in the apparel and accessories space. Working from their base in Brooklyn, NY, Maker’s Row is situated at the heart of the American Manufacturing and design community.  Tanya Menendez, COO, says, "we are excited to lead the rebirth of American manufacturing" and believes that "making American manufacturing accessible will have direct impact on job creation and the overall economy." 

Comcast Ventures’ interest in Maker’s Row was sparked by the tremendous experience, confidence, and passion Matthew Burnett, the CEO, has for what he was building. We saw that same commitment in their co-founders Tanya and Scott Weiner. Their company has ambitious goals and huge potential. We foresee them connecting businesses of all sizes with US based factories and helping to put America back to work. Betting on a company like Maker’s Row is exciting because they still see the promise of our entire country and have creatively found ways to tap into it.  We need more startups like Maker’s Row, leveraging technology to solve big, tough, real-world problems.