Since last fall, 10 exclusive series have launched on Watchable, driving 37 percent of all new viewers to the service and increasing overall engagement 26 percent. Now, as spring and summer approach, we’re thrilled to announce that one of our most popular exclusive series, Studio71’s and Maverick Media’s ‘LOGAN PAUL VS’ is starting production today and will be back this fall for a 10-episode second season. 

Millions of people tuned in to the first season of ‘LOGAN PAUL VS’ as he took on adventurous challenges ranging from bear wrestling to coaching pee-wee football. ‘LOGAN PAUL VS’ season two will up the ante even more as he becomes a small town’s mayor for a day, takes up residency in a retirement home and trains with the best athletes, gymnasts, contortionists and dancers of Cirque du Soleil.

With a mission to connect consumers with the best digital content from both up-and-coming and accomplished digital players, our Watchable team will continue to take risks, push the envelope and deliver engaging original programming.


Logan Paul is represented by CAA and Jeffrey Levin.