When we introduced Watchable last year, we wanted to connect consumers – specifically millennials in their 20s and early 30s - to some of the best digital content coming from an emerging class of creators like Defy, BuzzFeed, Vice, and Tastemade. Likewise, we wanted to enable those content creators to reach an engaged audience on the internet across devices, including the TV via Comcast’s Xfinity X1 platform.

Over the last year, the trends that compelled us to introduce Watchable have accelerated. Digital native video is hotter than ever. In fact, Watchable mobile traffic is increasing 40% month over month, and TV viewers are proving to be incredibly engaged  – with session times averaging over 30 minutes.

To build on this momentum, we’re thrilled to announce Watchable Exclusives - a collection of original series produced by some of the most well-known digital brands, only available on Watchable. We’re working with select partners and their talent – such as Refinery29, mitú and Cut.com - to develop and produce three high quality, innovative online series that tap into the passions of our engaged millennial audience. Later this year, we’ll launch additional series from BuzzFeed Motion Pictures, CollegeHumor, Cut.com, POPSUGAR and Studio 71.

The three exclusive series available today are:

  • Ballin’ on a Budget, Refinery29: Leading digital media company for women, Refinery29, continues its run of creating beloved content for the millennial set with Ballin on a Budget, which follows comedienne and rapper Awkwafina as she takes to the streets of New York to show viewers how to live the high life on a low budget – such as a day at the spa with little to no cash, or planning a fun first date that costs nothing.

  • Cholos Try, mitú: mitú is the only digital-first media company targeting young Latinos, America’s fastest growing demographic. mitú creates unapologetically Latino content with universal appeal, evidenced by their wildly popular online series Cholos Try, which generated over 100 million views, making "cholos" a household name. Watchable will be the exclusive home for the new, long-form Cholos Try, a bold, brash, and brutally honest series following 4 cholos from East L.A who go out of their comfort zone and immerse themselves in cultures and lifestyles across America. They’ll share their unique point of view on everything from a Renaissance Faire to ghost hunting, high fashion to Alaskan outdoor living. Cholos Try breaks down stereotypes, challenges what it means to be different and shows what is possible when you try new things with honesty and a sense of humor.

  • How To Human, Cut.com: Though there are no road signs in life, there are ways to avoid taking a wrong turn. How to Human takes an irreverent look into the many ways we can improve our lives.  Part how-to, part scripted comedy, this series follows the ups and downs (mostly downs) of a young woman learning the true meaning of "failing forward."

In the coming months, an additional six shows will premiere including:

  • Knock Knock, POPSUGAR: Fashion designer Rachel Antonoff has cult status with the POPSUGAR audience and is now bringing a brand new series to Watchable. In Knock Knock, Rachel takes us inside the homes, offices, dressing rooms, and other intimate spaces of the people who fascinate us – including Saturday Night Live star Aidy Bryant, TV's most popular veterinarian Dr. Jan Pol, and iconic designer Lisa Frank – and gets the stories behind the personal objects they cherish most. 

  • I Want My Phone Back, CollegeHumor: In this on-the-street game show series from CollegeHumor, host Alana Johnston and a cast of improvisers take to the streets of Los Angeles to see if contestants will put their mobile devices in the hands of total strangers, for up to $1,000. Alana and her cohorts can log into contestants' social media, taking every liberty as they post, text, and call to their hearts' desire in an effort to wreak complete havoc on their marks. The longer contestants stay in the game, the more money they stand to make. 

  • 100 Years of Beauty: How-To, Cut.com: Based off the already successful YouTube series, this show offers a new how-to makeup and hairstyling series that teaches viewers how to create contemporary looks inspired by celebrated historical figures such as Frida Kahlo, Billie Holiday, and Imelda Marcos.

  • LOGAN PAUL VS, Studio71: Studio71 is bringing social media superstar Logan Paul to Watchable in a new series where he bravely takes on potential life-threatening challenges including wrestling a bear, Navy Seal training, bull riding, wilderness survival, and more. 

  • Would You Rather, Cut.com:  Which of two difficult choices would you choose if you had to? Narcolepsy or Insomnia? Being raised Muslim or Mormon? Surviving an AI uprising or a Zombie Apocalypse? This series explores thought-provoking dichotomies ranging from the realistically controversial to the hilariously hypothetical. Experts from relevant fields offer their unique perspectives to help viewers decide.

  • Am I Doing This Right?, BuzzFeed Motion PicturesBuzzFeed's rising star and comedienne Kelsey Darragh will bring a new series to Watchable where she takes on the art of "adulting" or as previous generations called it, growing up.

All of these series can be accessed online on Comcast’s X1 set top box, at Watchable.com, and through the Watchable iPhone and Android apps. With today’s announcement, we’re taking another step to help both up-and-coming and accomplished digital players reach new audiences across devices, including the biggest screen in the home.