Our Help & Support Forums are a great place to find answers about your XFINITY products or to get help for service issues. Our forums get over two million unique visitors per month and if you Google a product or service question, they’re right at the top of the search results.

Our forums give you a place where you can learn from your fellow customers. In fact, nearly 98% of the searches conducted by visitors to the forum turn up related results that were generated by others posing similar questions.

While our forums have been a great resource for years, our format was a little outdated. We want to make this tool as easy as possible for you to use, so we recently rebuilt our forums from the ground up, with a completely new user interface and easier navigation. Here are some of the key features:


Improved Search

The new search function includes real-time suggestions for posts that match your search terms. There’s also the option to create a new post right from the search bar if none of the results answer your question.


Improved Content Categorization 

We’ve organized all the content to help you find answers and solve problems faster.


New Homepage Features

We highlight the most recently solved issues and feature our most active users—our Experts—and the rewards they have earned for reaching new levels of expertise and helping the most customers. 


Links to Related Content

When viewing a discussion thread, the bottom of the page now has links to related content that may help answer your question and green check marks to let you quickly see that the question in that thread was answered.


The forums aren’t just a place for seeking out solutions on your own. This peer-to-peer community contains thousands of active users, who answer questions and contribute to discussions. In addition, with the tripling of our Digital Care team, we’ve been able to dedicate Comcast experts to help customers directly in the forums. If you visit and are unable to answer your question on your own or with the help of fellow customers, a member of our Digital Care team can help you directly to solve your problem the same as if you called in or reached out to us on Twitter or Facebook.

As with any community, it’s the people in our forums who count. We’re fortunate to have a small but passionate group of independent Experts who are customers just like you and are committed to help you with whatever question you might have. These experts have helped us keep the community lively, and we hope this redesign is something they appreciate, too. Down the road we’ll be adding other features like badging and gamification to the forums so we can harness the collective wisdom of the crowd by encouraging more visitors to log in and offer solutions.

We want you to be able to find help whenever and wherever you want. Whether it’s on the phone, in a store, through our social care agents, our My Account app, or our improved Help & Support Forums, we’re making it easier and faster for you to find solutions to your questions and service issues.

So next time you have a question, check out our forums. They might already have the answers you’re looking for.