Imagine being able to make sure your kids are home safely from school while you’re working late, or unlocking your front door for the plumber from your office desk.  These types of home automation features are closer to becoming a reality for millions of people thanks to the continued innovations of Xfinity Home. 

We kicked off an Extreme Home media tour in Houston, TX to showcase how Xfinity Home continues to evolve.  The Extreme Home gives reporters a chance to see the latest innovations and enhancements from our security, home control and energy management service. "Product Lab demos are helpful but there is nothing like being able to interact with this product in a real home" said Mitch Bowling, SVP & GM of New Businesses for Comcast Cable.  The Extreme Home is an everyday house that is equipped with the latest Xfinity Home equipment.  From in-wall lighting, smart thermostat controls, water sensor, indoor /outdoor wireless cameras, remote video monitoring capabilities, a reporter is able to truly experience what Home Automation has to offer. 

Stacey Higginbotham from GIGAOM received one of the first tours as she looked at how Home Automation is the backbone of The Internet of Things.

The possibilities with this broadband and cloud-based platform and how it relates to the Internet of Things are endless. The coverage highlights our strategic focus: building a future-proofed, open-platform solution. Bowling was quoted as saying, "We think that the only way for this to be successful is for it to be open. We want to see many devices and use cases. The most exciting ones probably haven’t been developed yet." The promise of The Internet of Things is the ability for consumers to plug in any of their devices – regardless of manufacturer – into their home network.  The Xfinity Home team is delivering on that promise.  We plan to have additional Extreme Home Tours in more markets around the country soon, but for now you can read Stacey’s coverage here.