People often ask me what exactly my job here at Comcast is. I reply that I’m the Vice President of Business and Technical Solutions for Customer Experience and their next question is, "OK, what does a Vice President of Business and Technical Solutions for Customer Experience do?"

Well, it’s actually pretty simple. My team designs, develops, and implements the behind-the-scenes technology that’s helping provide a better and more consistent experience whenever and however people choose to contact us.

For example, we receive about a million phone calls a day from customers on a variety of topics – from questions about our products to ordering new services and scheduling appointments. Regardless of the reason for the call, we want to answer questions or fix problems the first time. That’s why one of the Business and Technical Solutions team’s main goals is to improve the desktop tools and processes our customer service representatives use.

You may have heard about GrandSlam. Our team managed the consolidation of 15 separate applications into one powerful tool that’s helped our agents improve the number of first-call resolutions by 11 percent since this time last year. Moving forward, we’re continuing to look for ways to further streamline these desktop tools for our agents by adding enhanced search and troubleshooting capabilities.

And our work doesn’t stop at the call centers. If you prefer self-service options, we’re working to make many of the GrandSlam features available as part of Customer Central’s account management feature next year. This means you’ll be able to get a real-time snapshot of how the products and services in your home are performing, and you’ll be able to use the same information and troubleshooting steps as our call center reps. Pretty cool, huh?

Continually improving the experience our customers have when they contact us by phone is just one of the projects keeping the Business and Technical Solutions busy. I’ll stop back and post updates about the work we’re doing to improve the other ways you can contact us.