It’s been a busy few months on X1. We’ve reimagined our sports app, added a new Spanish interface and integrated online gaming and web video experiences for users.  And now, we’re launching a beta feature in partnership with IFTTT that lets people receive notifications on their television. 

Starting today, X1 users can have Xfinity send them personalized alerts on their TV screen from Gmail, Jawbone, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Evernote and many more.  That way, users can keep up with the things they care about, without missing a minute of their favorite programs.   

Want to know every time you get tagged on Facebook or mentioned on Twitter, when you miss an important call on your cell, or when you get a new text message?  How about an on screen notification when rain is in your area? 

All those options and more are now available.   

IFTTT lets users create conditional instructions, or "recipes," which are based on a simple rule – if "this" happens, then do "that."  When activated, these recipes are run automatically to connect devices, websites, and apps so that they work together.  Here’s how it works for X1: just activate the Comcast Labs channel on the IFTTT website and create recipes that match your preferences.  It’s that simple. 

The customer is in total control of this new feature - these notifications can be turned off (through the X1 settings option for "Other Services" or the IFTTT website) or adjusted (on the IFTTT website) just as easily as they were set up. 

New IFTTT recipes are being added all the time, and we can’t wait to see what you and the user community creates next.  X1 is a platform for continuous innovation; so contact us here about things you’d like to see or new features you’d like us to add. 

In the meantime, have fun experimenting with notifications on your TV.