No one wants to wait on hold if they can avoid it, so we are giving customers the option to skip holding altogether through a new Xfinity My Account App feature.

With the new feature, customers can schedule a time for a Comcast representative to call them to resolve whatever issue they may be dealing with – no waiting.  

Here’s how it works.  One of the main features of the My Account app is the interactive troubleshooting guide, which takes customers through steps designed to help them fix whatever issue they are having themselves.  If your issue is still not resolved after going through the troubleshooting steps, there is an option to call us.  But here’s where it gets good.  If you don’t want to call us, we will call you.  Simply enter in your phone number, select the time you want us to call you (call times are available in 15 minute windows), and you’re all set. 

Not a phone person?  There is an option in the app to chat with an expert on Twitter as well.  You can even snap a photo of your screen and Tweet it to us, so we can see exactly what you’re seeing.

These features are available to all customers today on the My Account app.  But, don’t think this means we’ve stopped working to make the phone experience the best it can be. It’s the opposite. We’re working hard to make sure we are serving our customers as quickly as possible across all our channels.