Comcast Interactive Capital (CIC) and Genacast Ventures, our seed fund run by Gil Beyda, will be supporting an exciting program this summer to help build the entrepreneurial sector in New York City. The program, called "SeedStart Media 2011," is an initiative designed to provide innovative start-up companies in the e-commerce, ad infrastructure, mobile technology and digital content areas with funding and access to a network of mentors in the media business. Coming off its successful debut in 2010, SeedStart companies will participate in lectures, coaching and networking events, and each will interact closely with representatives of traditional media companies, digital media companies, e-commerce companies, experienced venture capitalists and entrepreneurs.

In addition to CIC, a number of the world's largest media, advertising and technology companies are supporting SeedStart, including AOL Ventures, Hearst, MTV Networks, News Corporation, Time Warner, and Vivendi, with more to come. Four other venture capital firms will also provide funding and mentorship, including Contour Venture Partners, NYC Seed, Polaris Venture Partners and RRE Ventures. The program is supported by NY Tech Meetup, Silicon Valley Bank, New York University and well-known law firms and accounting firms based in New York. Representatives of these firms will serve as mentors to the program's participants, providing them with guidance on their ideas, their products, and how to accelerate their companies' growth.

We're thrilled to be working with SeedStart to expand opportunities for entrepreneurs in New York, to be partnering with such well respected firms, and are looking forward to seeing the great results that are generated by the program.

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