Look at the people around you, and it seems everyone is texting these days. From school kids to grandparents, getting immediate access to the information and people that matter most to us has become part of our everyday lives.

That's one of the reasons why we're introducing COMCAST4U.

This new, free service is available now to Comcast customers with cell phones in Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs, New Jersey and Northern Delaware. And, we'll be rolling this out to other areas around the country in the coming weeks and months. COMCAST4U is part of our continued focus on making it easier and more convenient for our customers to do business with us - from offering more online self-help features to making self-installation kits available, tweeting with them, and now texting.

Using COMCAST4U is simple and easy. Just register your cell phone number at http://text.comcast.com and you can start texting commands to us to get the info you want, when you want it. Take a look at some examples:

Command & Response

NOW - Provides a list of what's on TV at that point in time

PRIMETIME - Lists that night's primetime TV lineup

VOD - Offers highlights of On Demand content

SPORTS - Delivers sports schedules and scores

CALLME - Places the customer in queue to receive a call back from

BAL - Provides current account balance

OUT - Advises if the address is experiencing a known service interruption

HIT - Sends a reset signal to equipment

NOAPPT - Allows customers to cancel scheduled service calls

LOC - Offers the address of the nearest payment center

And, when you register, we'll also send you periodic text messages with important updates and information about your Comcast products and services. For example, we'll send you appointment reminders, payment confirmations, and information on potential service interruptions.

Over the last few months, we've been testing COMCAST4U with some of our customers, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

One customer said, "It's almost 2G2BT...it's great to see Comcast offer this new way to reach out to get information quickly and without having to place a call or go online."

While another customer told us, "Last week there was an accident up the block from me that knocked out a utility pole and apparently took out our cable - before we even knew it wasn't working, I had a text from Comcast saying they were aware of the problem and that a technician was on the way to get it fixed. Less than an hour later I received another text letting me know everything was once again working - it really amazed me and made me think of Comcast differently."

Want to learn more about this new service? Visit http://text.comcast.com to see a demo and register today.