In February, hundreds of TV stations across the country completed the federally mandated digital broadcast transition (DTV) and switched to digital-only broadcasting, but nearly two-thirds of local networks (e.g. NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox and Univision) still have to make the change between now and June 12 – the final transition deadline. More than likely, most of the broadcasters in your area still have to make the switch.

While June may feel far away it’s just around the corner, and according to recent research from Nielsen, millions of consumers are still not prepared for the transition. Because stations can switch anytime between now and June 12, it’s really important for consumers to know that there’s no reason to wait to get ready. The best way to avoid surprises is to decide which DTV solution - signing up for cable or another pay TV provider, buying a new digital TV, or getting a converter box (coupons are available to help offset the cost) – works best and take action now. We’ve developed a Web site that has helpful details about DTV options, in English and