If anyone’s counting, it’s been almost five years since a new Green Day album has been released, and I’ve been waiting for a follow-up. Their last effort "American Idiot," was hailed as their comeback album and went on to win a Grammy for Best Rock Album in 2005. If you’re a Green Day fan today is your lucky day because I’ve got news for you: Green Day is finally back with a new album called "21st Century Breakdown." And today we have more than 30 Green Day music videos and concerts together in HD for the first time On Demand (check out what goes into making these kinds of On Demand offerings by reading this interview with our own Derek Harrar in Billboard.biz).

I haven’t heard Green Day’s new sound yet, but word on the street is that "21st Century Breakdown" is in the vein of an old-school rock opera. The album won’t be released until May 15th, but all you hard core fans can get exclusive access to live performances and 9 new, unreleased songs beginning today. This is a one-of-a kind music experience for all of you and I hope you are as excited as I am. I can’t wait to check out the live performance of their first new single "Know Your Enemy"!