After months of anticipation, the 2012 London Olympic Games are finally upon us. NBC has planned more than 5,500 hours of coverage, including an unprecedented 3,500 live streaming hours of all 32 sports and 302 medal events on multiple screens and devices. And XFINITY has created the Ultimate Viewers Guide, a special microsite that will be updated 24/7 throughout the games and packed with schedules, news, highlights, links to live streaming events, one-click DVR buttons, and more, enabling customers to watch every minute and every medal event on every screen.

Consumers appear poised to take advantage of this unprecedented viewing experience. A recent Xfinity TV independent nationwide survey, conducted by International Communications Research, found that 77% plan to watch some of the 2012 Olympic coverage, with the majority of those expecting to watch during the early evening and prime time hours. The survey also found that four in five viewers will likely attempt to catch up with events they miss, primarily by streaming on their computer or setting their DVR.

The unprecedented access to the coverage begs the question: How can you watch and plan without feeling overwhelmed? Also, what are the tips and tricks to seeing everything — and we mean everything? Here are three great tips to get the most out of your Olympics viewing experience with Xfinity TV.

  • Use our Viewer's Guide. It makes it easy to stay up to date by highlighting the most important and interesting events of the day. There's also a "RedZone" type of online channel that will do all the work by going non-stop throughout the day to the most important and interesting events. You can also use it to watch live events, record, tune your TV, and to see top videos and slideshows.

  • Take advantage of the Xfinity Sports Remote app during the Games. It makes it easy to find everything you're looking for.

  • Additionally, updated their TV listings to make it easier to discover, tune and record Olympics events.

Think of the microsite as an online hub for everything you'll want to watch during the 2012 London Olympic Games. With everything being streamed live, you'll find it's an invaluable resource for both the casual and the hard core Olympics fan. With these tools you'll be able to watch every minute and every medal.