Like many families, my family and I cherish our several holiday traditions each year. Whether that be tuning into our favorite holiday themed episode of Friends, or avoiding the craziness of Black Friday and instead staying inside and decorating the house -- traditions with your loved ones are what help shape the spirit and excitement of the holiday season. While traditions remain a staple in our homes, there is always room for more. Since I've been at Comcast, I've added a new one to that list -- the Yule Log!

For those that are unfamiliar, the Yule Log first began here at Comcast in 2008 and since its launch on Xfinity On Demand and now, it has been viewed more than 2.5 million times. It is the iconic video of a crackling log in a fireplace accompanied by festive holiday music. The Yule Log was originally created in 1966 by Fred Thrower, president and CEO of WPIX in New York City and has since become an American classic.

In recent years, we have added HD and 3D versions of the Yule Log, as well as a number of holiday inspired screensavers. We hope you explore all the Yule Log and other holiday screensavers have to offer on your TVs or computers (available in HD no less). There are a number of choices to pick from including the classic crackling log in a fireplace, several wintery scenes, a Santa radar screen, or even the Yule Dog as a fun alternative. Whichever one you choose, we hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

You can find the Yule Log under Top Picks/Yule Log & More or Top Picks/Yule Log & More HD.