As a Senior Producer at Comcast, I help produce and gather a suite of original, video-on-demand (VOD) programming. One of the program initiatives that I am most proud to manage is the annual breast cancer Pink Ribbon Campaign. The campaign launched in 2007 with several hours of breast cancer VOD related content and this year the program lineup has doubled, and the number of cable distribution partners has tripled (thank you Cox and Time Warner).

Dr. Marisa Weiss, the founder of our non-profit partner, laid the foundation for the campaign by penning the slogan: "The Pink Ribbon Campaign: Finding the strength you need." The Pink Ribbon campaign joins non-profits, program networks and cable companies in the effort to support and reassure viewers that there are many resources available to them, and that they are not alone in the fight against breast cancer.

The campaign features more than 17 hours of credible, cutting-edge content from the best networks in the business, including: Lifetime, HBO, Showtime, Discovery Health, and WB. We also have prevention awareness content from independent providers like the Path to Wellness & Healing.

Many of the programs feature resources and information about cancer prevention, treatment, reconstruction, and recovery. Discovery Health offers a self breast exam demo and medical advice from doctors, HealthiNation network reviews cancer treatment options, and Path to Wellness & Healing shares survival stories from celebrities and women across the country. In addition, there are movies (don't miss Harry Connick Jr. in Living Proof, which tells the story about one doctor's medical breakthrough); original programming (catch Lifetime's 10 Myths About Breast Cancer); and premium series (watch Showtime's smart and witty The L Word.) Through these kinds of educational and entertaining content, the campaign can help prepare patients and viewers for the road that lies ahead.

One of my favorite movies in this collection is the Lifetime original movie, Four Extraordinary Women. There is a line in the film that really resonated with me: "Individuals aren't diagnosed with breast cancer. Families are." This campaign is dedicated to all of the breast cancer patients and survivors, and their respective families, friends and caretakers. My hope is that the campaign's programs will provide some information, comfort, and most importantly, strength to those who need it.

Throughout October check out the Pink Ribbon Campaign under "Top Picks" on Video On Demand, and online at I welcome your feedback!