For the second year in a row, Comcast will take part in welcoming the Forbes Under 30 Summit honorees, speakers, and attendees. On behalf of the Young Professionals Network (YPN) at Comcast, we warmly welcome you to our home, our city, our Philadelphia.

But who are we?

The Young Professionals Network (YPN) at Comcast is an organization of over 1,000 Comcast employees nationwide, with a focus on striving to impact innovation, collaboration, and exceptional business results by developing future leaders and by serving the community. Comcast has not only changed the way we think about the workforce and the idea of both personal and group success, but we, as a company, also strive to change the lives of those we serve.

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Just like our city is welcoming you today, we also embrace you and appreciate you as members of our community. With the new building underway for the Comcast Innovation and Technology Center, and upon its completion the addition of 1,500 new jobs (many of which will attract talent in the ‘Under 30’ category), we couldn’t be more assured that the future of innovation is bright at Comcast and in the City of Philadelphia. We look forward to helping you experience that this week.

Now that you know a little more about us, let us take you through the power and engagement you should expect over the next few days. The Forbes Under 30 Summit will surprise you with impressive speakers and engaging networking opportunities with your fellow attendees. You will have unlimited exposure to your peers and opportunities to expand your network, share ideas, and who knows, maybe meet a new business partner. Selfishly, we will want you to stay in Philadelphia, but to be honest, this shouldn’t be a question. To those of us who live and work in Philadelphia, it is no surprise to us why Forbes would choose to host a conference for the most talented and entrepreneurial minds. Philadelphia native, University of Pennsylvania grad, and Forbes editor, Randall Lane, had always envisioned hosting the Forbes summit in Philadelphia. He recognized, just as we do, the welcoming, brotherly community of Philadelphia and the fact that this city is not only a great place to cultivate your mind and aspirations, but also a city that encourages innovation and diversity. Over the next few days, we encourage you to experience all that Philadelphia has to offer, because it is through this "brotherly" interaction that we can build a brighter, more innovative future.

So how does all of this all connect?

This year, to support the Forbes Under 30 Summit, Comcast will once again be the sponsor for the ‘Day of Service’ on Wednesday, October 7th. The ‘Day of Service’ consists of over 60 Forbes honorees who will speak at more than 20 Philadelphia schools, while spending some valuable time mentoring community students who we strive to make the minds and voices of the future. In addition to this great responsibility, numerous honorees will visit various locations around the city to learn about the technological and social entrepreneurial ventures that have chosen our city, and now your city, as home. The Young Professionals Network at Comcast will participate in every aspect along the way. We look forward to connecting with each of the entrepreneurially minded young visitors.

On behalf of the #ComcastUnder30 millennials, we welcome each of you attending the @ForbesUnder30 summit to Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love, and ultimately to the city of opportunity. We look forward to meeting you!