The Stanley Cup finals are heating up with game 4 tonight at the Wachovia Center. We had a couple of Pep Rallies here at the Comcast Center in Philadelphia to root for the Flyers, but Chicago is also a Comcast town.

With this dual allegiance in mind we thought it would be fun to have LeAnn Talbot, our Senior Vice President, Greater Chicago Region, and Amy Smith, our Senior Vice President, Freedom Region, each give us five reasons why their team should win.

LeAnn Talbot thinks the Blackhawks should win because:

  1. Original Six, baby!
  2. Statue check: Michael Jordan is real person with 6 titles. Rocky Balboa is fake boxer who got knocked out by Mr. T.
  3. Chicago has hosted 7 championship parades in the last 20 years; we know what we’re doing.
  4. As if you wouldn’t trade the whole Flyers roster for Kane and Toews.
  5. Nobody likes a bully.

Amy Smith is all about the Flyers because:

  1. Our HBO special is better than yours
  2. Any bridge player knows a Pronger trumps a Versteeg
  3. Four words: Bartman at Game 5
  4. Unlike Rocky, Briere’s post-goal fist pump could take out Apollo Creed
  5. Our beards are backed by the Franklin Mint