Sometimes the littlest things can be really powerful. The "Watch with Xfinity" button is one of these small but powerful things.

If you're surfing the web and you see the name of a TV show or movie you want to watch (or record on your DVR), you highlight its name and click the button. Chances are the show or movie is available on Xfinity TV and you can watch it instantly online or set a recording.

The way we do this is remarkably simple. We add a button to your web browser toolbar called "Watch with Xfinity." This button is a "bookmarklet." A bookmarklet is simply a web browser bookmark (or "favorite"), but -- instead of being a link to a website -- it's a little piece of JavaScript. This JavaScript looks at what you've highlighted in your browser and checks it against all of the content we have available on Xfinity TV. If we have it, we'll show you how to watch it online, when it's on your TV, how to set it to record to your DVR, and let you know if it's available On Demand.

Setting up the "Watch with Xfinity" button is as simple as 1-2-3:

1) First, you'll need to install the "Watch with Xfinity" bookmarklet, which you can find here.

That's it!

2) Make sure you're logged into or by clicking the Sign in link on any or web page. You can use your email address or Comcast ID.

3) Now all you have to do is surf the web and find something you want to watch. On any website (like E! or IMDB), you can highlight the name of a TV show or movie and click Watch with Xfinity. We'll show you how to watch or record that show. Easy.

It's really that simple. In fact, we think it's the easiest way to find, record and watch virtually anything on Xfinity.

If you want more information and to watch a video about how to install and get the most out of the Watch with Xfinity button, please visit this page.