Today, FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski spoke about the growing threat of cyber attacks to our national economy and security, and embraced the need for real-time, industry-led solutions, rather than government mandates, as the best approach to address this problem.

Comcast agrees with Chairman Genachowski that protecting American consumers, businesses and governments from cybersecurity threats should be a global priority. To be effective, everyone who is a part of the Internet ecosystem must play a meaningful role in ensuring that private and government networks, and personal computers and devices are secured. Comcast will continue to develop innovative solutions and participate in multi-stakeholder organizations to assist in the development of real-world solutions, best practices, codes of conducts and guidelines.

The work underway at the FCC's Communications Security, Reliability and Interoperability Council -- CSRIC -- is an example of this kind of industry-driven effort. Comcast will continue to be an active participant in CSRIC activities because consumers can only be effectively protected if everyone in the Internet ecosystem and government work together.