One of our main goals at Comcast Interactive Media (CIM) is to build great cross-platform Web sites that complement Comcast’s core offering; to help you access your favorite entertainment content.

The concept for Fancast is simple. We aim to be the one website where you can tune-in, watch, and engage around all the television you love and need to know about.

Come to Fancast and choose from more than 10,000 full length television shows and movies thanks to great partnerships with over a hundred TV networks and film studios. On Fancast you get access to hundreds of shows, new and old, like House, Heroes, CSI, Family Guy, Lost, The Office, Fringe, NCIS to Friends, Gilligan’s Island, and Star Trek.

But we’re more than just watching shows online. Fancast also wants to help you watch content on whichever screen you prefer. For every show or movie we aim to have all the information you need at your fingertips including: TV listings, Comcast On Demand information, DVD availability and even theater showtimes. One of our major innovations scheduled for this year is to connect Fancast to your television, so you can do cool things like program your DVR directly from one of our pages. Put simply, if you want to watch something, we’ll help you find it: wherever it’s on.

In addition, Fancast has tons of high quality editorial content around television. We have a stellar team of experts who love to talk about TV as much as they love to watch it. As well as writing fun articles and great reviews, they put together cool packages that will help you learn more about your television universe. Check out our "Animation Celebration", celeb blogs, or Cover Stories on the latest superstars and trends on television.

With Fancast we are constantly refining the user experience, making it easier to search and quickly find the shows you want to watch. We also launched what I like to call our GIGANTO video player. Most other sites have pretty small video players, often with tricky buttons you need to press to make the viewing experience better. We make it great straight out of the box so you can sit back and enjoy your show.

As the person who created the site - I’d like to hear from you. What do you think of Fancast? What shows do you like watching? What would you like to see us change next to the site? With your feedback, we’ll enhance the site every month with new features and improvements.