We’re almost two months into the season and it’s time to assess how the new series are faring. In August, we predicted which five new fall TV shows were destined to be hits on Xfinity On Demand based on viewing trends we observe on the platform.

It’s an on demand world, and more than ever our customers are using Xfinity On Demand to catch up on their favorite shows and discover new series to fall in love with.

Here’s a look at top 5 so far, based on the cumulative complete views of the first four episodes on Xfinity On Demand.

Fall VOD Infographic

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The Top 5

  1. Blindspot, NBC: 3.2 million views. Genre and a strong female lead were reasons we predicted NBC’s Blindspot to be an On Demand success. As evidence of how on demand viewing is impacting ratings, Blindspot averaged a 4.1 L3 rating in the 18-49 demo over its first four weeks nationally. In Comcast homes, the 18-49 L3 rating averaged 4.8, 17% higher. If you break down the Blindspot audience in Comcast homes in the first three days: 35 percent came from Xfinity On Demand. And Blindspot has taken up residence in the Xfinity On Demand Top 20 – ranking in the Top 5 alongside Empire and Walking Dead every week since premiering—another sign of how important on demand is to new series.

  2. Quantico, ABC: 3.1 million views. ABC has a strong track record with its dramas, and Quantico is the latest to place atop our Xfinity On Demand Top 20 charts. Like Blindspot, Quantico has been in the Top 5 every week. In terms of ratings, Quantico averaged a 3.1 L3 rating in the 18-49 demo. In Comcast homes, the 18-49 L3 rating averaged 4.3, 37% higher and 31% of views in the first three days came from Xfinity On Demand.

  3. Scream Queens, FOX: 2.8 million views. Ryan Murphy has been a television visionary, and his embrace of on demand with his newest show Scream Queens paid off. It had a strong 18-49 L3 rating of 3.3 in Comcast homes compared to the 2.2 national average, 48% higher. Every episode of the current season is banked on Xfinity On Demand, so new viewers can continue to discover and get hooked.

  4. Limitless, CBS: 1.7 million views. On demand is very important for new shows – especially when they start getting great reviews and word of mouth like Limitless. In Comcast homes, in the first three days after airing, 56% of time-shifted views of Limitless happened on Xfinity On Demand, compared to 44% via DVR. In terms of ratings, Comcast 18-49 L3 averaged 2.9, which is 13% higher than national average 2.6. Like Scream Queens, every episode of the first season will be banked and available on Xfinity On Demand all season long.

  5. Bastard Executioner, FX: 1.4 million views. Bastard Executioner features the deep storytelling that people have come to expect from cable dramas. It has become an "on demand first" show – among our customers, nearly half (45%) of viewing in the first three days happened on Xfinity On Demand. Its 18-49 L3 rating in Comcast homes was 15% higher than the national rating. As another banked show, viewers can catch up at any point during the season.

So, how did we do on our prediction? So far, 4 out of 5: Blindspot, Quantico, Scream Queens and Bastard Executioner.

Too Soon to Tell:

  • Ash vs. Evil Dead, STARZ: We predicted STARZ’s newest show in our Top 5 because of its home on a premium network, its timeslot, and because of its genre. It’s got a lot of positive momentum: before the second season has premiered on Halloween, STARZ already greenlit a second season.

  • Supergirl, CBS: All early indications are that CBS may have a hit on its hands. Based on preliminary data and the strong performance of the first two episodes on the Xfinity On Demand Top 20, Supergirl could be on its way to making the Top 5. Time will tell if it keeps flying high.

Used by more than 85 percent of our X1 customers, Xfinity On Demand has become a reliable and convenient destination for our customers to catch up and stay current in this golden age of TV. For our programming partners, it’s an invaluable tool to attract new audiences, increase ratings and ultimately extend the life of new and existing series.