While I was at the Cable Show I managed to get a demo of Starz’s new EBIF application called Enteract Now (which Mark Hess blogged about here). As you'll recall Enteract Now is a little application that pops up on your screen while you're watching a movie on Starz. It allows you to switch to an HD version of the movie (if that movie is available in HD On Demand), start the movie over (once again, if it is available from On Demand), or see what is coming up next on Starz. Check out the video to see Enteract Now in action.

Speaking of the Cable Show 2009, it might just be a pleasant memory now, but after the jump I’ve written a round up of Comcast Voices’ Cable Show coverage. Click 'Continue Reading' if you want to see the Round Up.

We’ve tagged all of our Cable Show posts with ‘cableshow’ so you can see them all on one handy page, though here is a slightly more structure overview of our coverage:

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