Today we launched Xfinity Share, a new service that lets Xfinity users live stream videos over the Internet from their phones directly to X1-enabled televisions. Our guiding motivation in developing Xfinity Share has been to bring rich social experiences to the most social screen in the home.

We built Xfinity Share using WebRTC, an open-standard framework that supports streaming on mobile devices and Web browsers. We chose WebRTC because it is scalable, flexible and interoperable, allowing us to evolve Xfinity Share quickly and to serve users across the broadest possible range of devices and platforms.

While WebRTC-enabled tools have proliferated online in recent months, Xfinity Share is the first technology that brings a robust WebRTC-enabled streaming experience to the television screen.

This was important for us, because while the technology underpinning WebRTC may be cutting edge, it has the potential to be useful to just about anyone, including people who may be more comfortable navigating their televisions than they are downloading Internet applications.

We’re proud to be the first major television provider to provide a full-featured WebRTC service for the television, and we look forward to expanding Xfinity Share to support even richer streaming experiences in the coming months.   

WebRTC and X1 are a natural fit. The most advanced television entertainment operating system and the most flexible real-time communications tool combine to offer a unique, powerful experience.

We’re excited to launch Xfinity Share, but we’re even more excited about the ever-expanding WebRTC functionality we’ll be developing for X1 users in the coming months and years.