We announced in the fall of 2008 that this would be the year of the Spectrum (2009). The arena has a rich tradition and history in Philadelphia. Not only was it the home of the Philadelphia Flyers and Philadelphia 76ers, but it has hosted thousands of other events including NCAA Final Fours, All Star Games, Track and Field Events, Gymnastics Demonstrations, Boxing and Professional Wrestling events, and hundreds of concerts.

Today is a special day in the history of the Spectrum because today (May 26) in 1977 Elvis Presley gave his last concert in the Spectrum. The set list was: C.C. Rider, I Got A Woman-Amen, Love Me, My Way, Jailhouse Rock, You Gave Me A Mountain, What I’d Say, Johnny B. Goode, Hurt, Walk That Lonesome Road, Hound Dog, I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You. I saw on line recently that Bruce Springsteen and his friend and guitarist Steve Van Zandt drove down for the performance. According to a website description of that evening neither spoke to each other on the ride home as a result of the lackluster performance they had witnessed.

Saying the words "The Spectrum" to anyone in the Philadelphia area or to anyone from Philadelphia evokes memories - very special memories of a wonderful place where people experienced "their first." Whether that is their first hockey game or basketball game, their first concert (Elvis or otherwise) or the first time their parents took them to the circus or the first time as parents they took their kids to an event. The Spectrum will always be a place of memories. Once the building is finally gone, people will always have those memories.

We are currently taking orders for pieces of the old Sixers court at the Spectrum at RememberTheSpectrum.com. I highly recommend ordering a piece today - especially as Father’s Day is quickly approaching

We’ll do a post on the Spectrum book title, "God Bless the Spectrum" soon. Please feel free to share your Spectrum memories here or at RememberTheSpectrum.com.