Today’s the day - after years of planning, almost 60 million coupons, and over $1.2 billion dollars, the federal government is requiring all full power broadcast stations to shut off their analog signals by midnight tonight. Hundreds of stations have already transitioned, and hundreds more will transition by midnight tonight.

If you’re a Comcast customer, you’re all set on any TV connected to Comcast service. If you’re using an antenna, you could be missing some channels - some of your channels may have fallen off the "digital cliff". What does that mean? Simply put, some consumers may have reception problems with digital signals - if this is happening to you, you may be seeing frozen pictures, intermittent pictures, or just a black screen for some channels. You can try adjusting your antenna, scan for channels using your DTV converter box, relocate your antenna, buy a new antenna…or, you can just call Comcast.

We have "Rapid Response Teams" standing by to get you installed within 24 to 48 hours, and we have some great offers for consumers impacted by the DTV Transition. You can get free limited basic cable for an entire year when you purchase either internet or phone service from Comcast. If all you need is a TV solution, we have you covered there too - just $10 per month for an entire year. When you compare what you may be spending now on phone service, dial-up, or DSL from the phone company, you can save money every month with Comcast - and who isn’t looking to save money these days?