Earlier this week Janice Chaffin, Group President of Consumer Business Unit at Symantec, and I completed a joint media tour to talk about the recently released Norton Online Family Report and the Cyber Summer Safety Challenge…I know it's a tongue twister, say it fast…Cyber Summer Safety Challenge. This year Comcast partnered with Symantec, the makers of the Norton Security Suite, to develop this Challenge.

With the summer season officially kicking off next week, I want to encourage parents and kids to have conversations about Internet safety – and the Challenge is a great tool to jump start that conversation. It covers a wide range of hot topics including: social networking safety, online threats and what to do to protect yourself and your computer. We created two age-appropriate versions of the Challenge (one for younger kids (ages 5-9) and one for older kids and teens (ages 10 and up).

Visit www.comcast.net/security to download the Challenge and surf safely online this summer!