In recognition of June being Internet Safety Awareness Month, I've got some good news to share. We're always looking to offer our customers the latest technology and best online protection services. Our Constant Guard program recently released the latest version of Norton™ Security Suite for our Xfinity Internet customers for no additional fee. Norton Security Suite Version 6 is now available through our Constant Guard Protection Suite and can be downloaded at

This new version offers improved features that further protects your identity, detects and eliminates viruses and stops online threats. Here's a look at some of the enhancements:

Norton Protection System - Includes four unique layers of protection to proactively stop online threats before they can infect a computer. The four layers are: networked-based protection; file-based protection; reputation-based protection (I'll explain later); and behavior-based protection. I won't get too detailed in the explanations, but in a nutshell this is what it means:

  • Network-based protection stops malware (malicious software) as it travels over the network.

  • File-based protection looks for and eradicates many types of malware that could be hidden guessed it, files.

  • Reputation-based protection uses data that Symantec has collected from their Norton Community Watch program and cloud-based technologies such as Norton Insight and Norton Safe Web, to quickly identify known or unknown threats. The Norton Community Watch program is kind of like a neighborhood community watch program that looks out for burglars, except they're looking for the latest online threats.

  • Behavior-based protection, known as SONAR inspects computer programs. The program's actions are monitored for malicious behaviors and if SONAR believes a program is malicious, it can stop the process and have the Norton product take action on the harmful file.

PC Tuneup - Frees up memory and removes unnecessary clutter from a computer's hard drive to help it run fast and trouble-free.

In addition, Norton Security Suite Version 6 has also received top-rated performance scores.

Xfinity Internet customers who haven't downloaded the Constant Guard Protection Suite yet, should do so and then click on the Norton logo to trigger the Norton Security Suite download. If you've already downloaded a previous version of Norton Security Suite, you can re-download it to your computer at and you'll get the latest edition right now.