"Then something odd happened, something that most customers of this massive corporation (which rhymes with "Promcast") have yet to experience: Real, live feedback -- in the form of a direct message from a person named Bill at the corporation's Philadelphia-based offices."

That's an excerpt from a post written by David Wasson, a Communications Director at Selective Marketing in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, after a conversation he and I had on Twitter earlier this week. I wanted to share this because the experience he and his colleagues had is a great example of how we're trying to put our Guarantee] into action.

It's also representative of the ongoing commitment across Comcast to provide a better experience for our customers. You may recall that some of our executives went on a listening tour to hear what customers wanted from Comcast. One of the things they said was they understand outages and issues can happen, but that we needed to do a better job of communicating and fixing the problem. That's a responsibility my colleagues on the Digital Care team and I take seriously, and we're always here to help.