As a parent, I know keeping tabs on my children’s television consumption can be a daunting task. With the rise of tablets and mobile phones being used as TV screens, monitoring what kids are watching can quickly become a full-time job. 

That’s why we integrated Common Sense Media ratings and reviews into our Xfinity TV Go website to help parents determine what content is appropriate for different ages. These ratings are based on developmental guidelines culled from some of the nation's leading authorities.   

Now, we’re taking our partnership a step further by integrating Common Sense Media's ratings and reviews directly onto the TV via our X1 Entertainment Operating System

We’ve surfaced the ratings in several places – in the On Demand library, on your DVR and on live TV listings – by incorporating the easy-to-find Common Sense media logo right into user interface. 

Just click on the Parental Guide option on Movie and TV Show Info pages to see the Common Sense Media age rating, as well as a comprehensive review of the program. This review includes a content grid that evaluates the program on specific elements including positive messages, role models, violence/scariness, sex, language, consumerism and substance use.

For my family, this enhanced guidance has become a regular part of our movie night planning. My oldest child is almost 10, so standard ratings do not typically provide enough information to help us make good decisions with regard to appropriate programming. 

There are many types of "PG-13," so being able to see exactly what kind of themes informed a program’s rating is invaluable. To my child’s delight, it’s even opened up new options that I initially thought would be out of the question. 

For example, last weekend we weighed the option of watching Pacific Rim. Rated PG-13 with a Common Sense Media rating of 12+, I wasn’t sure this was appropriate. While the detailed ratings did denote a fair amount of violence, it also highlighted strong positive role models and positive messages. For that reason, we determined that we were comfortable with our child viewing the movie, and it turned out to be a hit for the whole family! 

Our partnership to help parents goes beyond just movie and TV show reviews. Xfinity users also have access to Common Sense Media's timely videos with parenting tips and movie reviews, available On Demand. In addition, parenting articles -- on topics such as dealing with cyberbullies, media recommendations, and balancing screen time -- are available on Xfinity’s homepage.   We’re continuously working to provide families with clear, practical information right at the point of decision. Comcast and Common Sense Media help parents with the tools they need to make safe, smart entertainment-related choices for their families – no matter where and how they do it.