Our latest research on kids media use shows that kids zero to eight spend about two hours in front of a screen each day, and 50% of that is in front of a TV set. And time spent with mobile devices among this age group has tripled in two years. But not all screen time is created equal. As the leading independent nonprofit dedicated to helping families thrive in a world of media and technology, Common Sense Media helps families find the good stuff - the age-appropriate, quality content. 

Common Sense Media has long partnered with Comcast to provide our media ratings for TV shows and movies. These color-coded ratings not only help parents find age-appropriate content for their kids, but also include helpful details and discussion points to help families talk about the media they consume.  

We're excited that now, with X1, Common Sense Media ratings are more deeply integrated into the Xfinity TV experience. 

Families can now use Common Sense Media ratings to filter age-appropriate content for live programming in addition to On Demand and online. Within the "Kids Guide" view, families can ensure that kids only have access to age-appropriate content. For example, preschoolers will see Sesame Street (rated for age 3), but they would not find Austin & Ally (rated for kids 7+). 

Our mission at Common Sense Media is to empower kids and families with the information they need to make great media and technology choices and we're thrilled that Comcast Xfinity TV is making our tools and resources more readily available for millions of families across the country.