April’s National Volunteer Month was created to recognize those across the globe who dedicate countless hours to helping others. In addition to this personal giving, it is important to recognize the corporations that have also donated numerous hours and made extensive financial investments to furthering the communities they serve. As CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, I am proud to highlight Comcast as one of those dedicated partners.

In 2008, Comcast assisted in developing a unique corporate philanthropic program called Beyond School Walls ― and today hosts the nation’s largest workplace mentoring program in partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. This program brought volunteerism into the workplace, inviting "Littles" (area youth) to Comcast to meet with "Bigs" (Comcast employees) for one-on-one mentoring and to guide the "Littles" toward new and more positive directions.

The Comcast program has been a complete success and has grown to support about 325 "Littles" in 15 Comcast offices around the country. From a Big Brothers Big Sisters perspective, Beyond School Walls has grown from a pilot program into a successful and sustainable workplace mentoring model, now used in more than 40 states and nearly 100 companies. For "Littles," walking into companies such as Comcast inspires them to think about and visualize how they can achieve their own career goals.

According to our youth outcome survey, after being enrolled in the Beyond School Walls program for one year, "Littles" showed significant gains in educational experience and social acceptance. The program has also impacted the "Bigs" with results of a survey showing a tremendously positive impact on Comcast employees involved in the program and their satisfaction at work.

Thank you Comcast, for creating a program that is now a national model serving thousands of children!