If sometime soon Noah Kodeck is asked, "So, how did you spend your summer vacation?" he’s going to have quite a story to tell.

Noah will be in Haiti from June 14-30, helping local people rebuild their community after the devastating earthquake of January 12. He’s part of an effort organized through the Global Volunteer Network, which has assembled teams of volunteers doing what they can with limited resources to help with building and construction, working with children, and performing other needed tasks.

This "vacation" has been in the works now for a couple of months.

"In the 11 years I have worked for Comcast, I have always been part of a company that has supported and encouraged community service," said Noah, who’s Director of Local On Demand Programming and Production for the Eastern Division. "Comcast is known for giving back to the neighborhoods it serves and that has always been important to me. For example, in lieu of a holiday party last year, our Division instead donated a day of service at a shelter in the Philadelphia area, which was truly inspiring.

"When this trip to Haiti came about, I thought it would be a great opportunity to give back. My first call was to my boss, Michael Ortman, who has always been a community service mentor of mine. Through the encouragement of Mike, my peers and colleagues, I am truly excited to go to Haiti and give back in any way possible. I am looking forward to sharing my experiences along the way.

Noah is taking his laptop and was told he may have wireless access and about two hours per day of electricity. He hopes to update his blog at http://jennoah.wordpress.com/. We’ll be following along and will post updates on Comcast Voices and the Comcast Dream Big Facebook page.

As Michael said in an e-mail to dozens of Noah’s Comcast colleagues, "I know all of you will want to join me in extending a heart-felt thank you and best wishes to our friend and colleague Noah Kodeck. We’re extremely proud of his generous service!"

Good luck, Noah!