We’ve made no secret about our commitment to the open-source cloud platform OpenStack, and today we were privileged to receive the second-ever OpenStack Superuser Award, an honor bestowed by the platform’s global community of users and developers.

As I mentioned yesterday, one of the best things about building our Comcast Elastic Cloud on OpenStack has been joining the vibrant open-source community that supports it. That such a dynamic group recognized our work in the space is both humbling and gratifying. We were especially honored to receive the award from Tim Bell, infrastructure services manager at CERN, and the leader of last year’s winning group.

Each of this year’s finalists were equally deserving of the honor. We’ve been impressed and inspired by the robust OpenStack deployments announced by fellow finalists eBay, Walmart and the National Supercomputer Center in Guangzhou. As more large companies and organizations adopt OpenStack, deploy it at scale, and contribute back to the community, the technology only gets better.

We’re grateful to the OpenStack Community for their support, to the OpenStack Foundation for its tireless efforts to advance the platform and to all of our fellow OpenStack superusers for inspiring the evolution of the open-source cloud experience.

Also, we were happy to announce that we’d be donating the two trips to the Tokyo OpenStack Summit – granted as part of the Superuser Award – to the Women of OpenStack group to support the important work it does to enhance diversity in the OpenStack community.