Big data means big business.

The worldwide business intelligence and analytics software market, which enables business analysts and data scientists to draw insights from big data, is over $50B. This market focuses on streamlining both a company’s internal operational data as well as its customer-facing data, helping companies understand consumer behavior and provide a roadmap to better monetization.

Increasingly, companies find that their data is being spread out on a variety of databases both inside their enterprise - like Oracle and MySQL or cloud-based sources such as Amazon’s Redshift - or outside their walls.

Enter Zoomdata, a visual analytics solution for big data that accelerates insights by removing traditional and time-consuming complexities. The company provides a visual analytics platform that connects to these sources, providing a single interface to visualize and interpret the data. This helps any organization, large or small, connect the dots, extracting key learnings from data quickly and efficiently, providing real-time business value.  

Comcast Ventures is excited to join as a new investor in Zoomdata’s $25M Series C led by Goldman Sachs in addition to existing investors Accel, Columbus, Nova Technology Partners and NEA.

"Comcast Ventures uniquely understands how the volume, velocity and variety of data are driving transformation change in businesses large and small," said Justin Langseth, CEO of Zoomdata, "The media and communications sectors are at the forefront of this revolution and we are thrilled to have an investor who can bring their inside perspective to bear as we scale up to meet the demand for Zoomdata’s capabilities."

Identifying and investing companies that fundamentally change the way people work and interact is a core pillar of our investment thesis. We’re excited to help Zoomdata simplify the ability to analyze enterprise data regardless of where it’s stored.