SundaySky has created a platform that can deliver truly personalized video to end-users. There are a couple of parts to the technology: first, a suite of creative tools that enables convenient creation of thousands of variants of a video asset; second, a video player that determines the optimal variant to play according to the set of conditions that exist at the moment of playback; for example a user’s account characteristics, inventory availability, or prevailing pricing conditions. Critically, those variants are created in real-time at the moment of playback.  This eliminates the need to pre-render thousands of static versions beforehand, many of which will never be used, with all the associated cost and hassle of storage and management.

The solution is tremendously versatile and can be deployed across a range of marketing use cases such as lead generation, customer onboarding, churn reduction, and video retargeting.

We’re excited to invest because of the quality of the team, who has built such a differentiated product. This investment also sits at the heart of one of our investment themes – the provision of tools to the CMO to holistically manage customer lifecycle from acquiring, to upsell to retention. 

I talked to Bloomberg about SundaySky and advertising trends for 2014 in the video below.